Stress and anxiety therapy: Anxiety and Stress are amongst the most discussed mental issues that face some of us from time to time in today's world. The term has is used in our daily language and is often used to describe an agitated state, whether related to a particular incident or not.

However, whilst anxiety and stress are felt by everyone at some point in their lives, for some people overwhelming anxiety and stress can feel terrifying and debilitating. Stress and anxiety therapy is something we can help you with. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, low self-esteem or panic attacks?

Problems with stress or anxiety can be mild, moderate or severe!
Or possibly you need support with anger management, depression, social anxiety, or addictions?
Stress and anxiety therapy? We can help!


The Healing Path can help with ...
Anxiety Therapy
Stress Therapy
Depression Therapy
Relationship Therapy
Bereavement Therapy
Anger Management Therapy
Eating Disorders Therapy
Social Anxiety Therapy
Fears and Phobias Therapy

How can The Healing Path in Crawley help you

with Stress and anxiety therapy?

The Healing Path (based in Horley, near Crawley) offers friendly, professional, and relaxed therapy in a calm and safe environment to help you to move forward .

The Healing Path offers a safe ‘non judgemental’ space to speak and be listened to order to help relieve the pain of anxiety, depression and stress. Using a variety of therapies including Reiki therapy to help you to.

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If you need immediate help contact The Samaritans